5 Reasons You Should be Eating Mangoes

Mango- the king of fruits is relished by children and adults alike. Being an aphrodisiac itself, here are the 5 health benefits of mango:

  1. Desserts prepared with sweet mangoes and sugar helps to gain weight because of its high glycemic index.

  2. Naturopaths and nutritionists opine that mango-rich dishes when prepared without sugar help in shedding those love handles. Thus, this  fruit helps in weight loss.

  3. Mango smoothie contains plenty of anti-oxidants. Hence it boosts body immunity.         

  4. The vitamins A, E, and C help to increase skin glow and improve skin health. Also, the fructose present in this fruit helps in boosting skin radiance.

  5. It contains iron and folate which helps to fight Anaemia while the fibre and potassium content reduces cholesterol

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